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Call Us for Expert Repair for Your Water Heater in Contra Costa County

Think about the water heater quietly working away while it’s tucked in the basement or a closet. This appliance doesn’t usually get a second thought until something goes wrong. When you step into a cold shower, however, the need for water heater repair is probably the first and only thing that you have in mind. At American Plumbing in Antioch, our technicians are trained to perform the removal, repair, replacement or installation of this unassuming appliance. If it isn’t too late to repair the tank, there are a few parts we can take a look at:

  • Cold water inlet
  • Dip tube
  • Drain valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Sacrificial anode rod

Of course, we’d rather provide consistent maintenance and service than replace your entire water tank. Consistent attention and prevention is more cost-effective than any repair or replacement service.

water heaters

Common Issues

The most common problems we see when we service appliances include:

  • Extinguished pilot lights
  • Clogged water lines
  • Too much sediment buildup
  • Dirty burners
  • Broken thermometers
  • Brown or rust-colored water
  • Rust in the tank or pipes

In order to provide the best services to our customers, our technicians are trained to fix electric, natural gas and tankless water heaters. We deliver top-quality professionalism to residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Installation & Replacement in the Brentwood & Walnut Creek Areas

When you need a plumber to handle backed-up toilets, propane leaks or water heater installations, contact American Plumbing. We are proud to serve the communities of Antioch, Brentwood and Walnut Creek. We also offer our work to the residents of Clayton, Concord, Discovery Bay, Martinez, Orinda and Pittsburg. What can we do for you? Call us today at 925-754-4990.