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Cost-Effective & Dependable Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting Services in Contra Costa County

Sooner or later, you’re going to experience a clogged drain. This might happen in the shower, or it could happen in the bathroom sink. When it happens, you’ll want results as quickly as possible. That’s why American Plumbing is prepared to bring our drain cleaning service to your home at competitive prices without wasting any time. Over the years, employees from our Antioch company have found that there are some pretty common perpetrators behind those clogs in the kitchen and bathroom. Some of the main causes of unpleasant clogs are:

  • Hair
  • Grease and fats
  • Coffee grounds
  • Built-up soap
  • Broken pipes
  • Various items flushed down the toilet
  • Too much toilet paper

Most of the time, we’ll be able to use a drain snake to unclog and clean out your pipes, but sometimes we’ll need to use stronger methods.


Hydro Jetting Services Help Brentwood & Walnut Creek Homeowners

Hydro jetting is a service based on fairly modern technology that can quickly and effectively clean out the pipes in your sewer and water lines. This technology can go further than traditional rooter equipment, so it is effective at eliminating tough clogs in homes and businesses. A high-pressured water system, hydrojetting uses water to scour the insides of pipes that have become packed with grease, debris, tree roots or flushed items. Our high-powered auger can be used to get the water flowing again for homes and businesses.

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Hydro jetting is a fast and effective way to thoroughly clean pipes. At American Plumbing, we are glad to provide this service to our customers in Antioch, Walnut Creek and Brentwood, as well as Pittsburg, Clayton, Discovery Bay, Orinda, Martinez and Concord. Are you looking for someone who is skilled in sewer cleaning? Contact us at 925-754-4990 to learn more about the work we can offer you.